March 25, 2023     12:32 am
115. Week of Forth Sunday in Lent - Tuesday
They mocked Him
          The same day Pilate and Herod became friends together, for before they were at enmity between themselves.   Luke 23:12
          When Pilate declared Jesus innocent, the members of the Chief Council still persisted in bringing serious charges of sedition against Him. Pilate, it seems, had taken Jesus with him before the Jews. And when Jesus said nothing to all these accusations, Pilate asked Him: "Don't You hear how many things they witness against You? Do You answer nothing? "But Jesus answered not a word, so that the Governor marvelled greatly. At last the Jews said: "He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry, beginning from Galilee to this place." When Pilate heard of Galilee, he asked whether the man was a Galilean. And when he found that Jesus was from Galilee, and that, therefore, he belonged to the jurisdiction of Herod Antipas, he sent Him to Herod, who was at Jerusalem at that time. And when Herod saw Jesus, he was very glad; for he had desired to see Him for a long time, because he had heard many things of Him; and he hoped to see some miracle done by Him. And he questioned Him with many words; but Jesus answered him nothing. And the chief priests and scribes stood and vehemently accused Him. And Herod with his men of war ridiculed and mocked Him, and arrayed Him in a gorgeous robe of white to show that he, too, considered Jesus harmless, and sent Him again to Pilate. And Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day; for before they were at enmity between themselves. For so it is with the unbelieving world: when Jesus is the target, the bitterest enemies become friends and join hands against Him. In a case like this they fully understand each other and fully agree with one another. Are you on Jesus' side, O Christian, though all the world is against Him. For with Jesus there is eternal salvation.
          PRAYER: - Alas, Lord Jesus, how the world despises You! See how former enemies join hands against You! But as for me, my Lord and Saviour, draw me to You by Your Word and the Holy Spirit, so that I may side with You against all the scorn and contempt of the world; for one day You will let me see, and partake of Your glory. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
March 25, 2023     12:32 am