August 15, 2022     7:13 am
130. Week of Sixth Sunday in Lent - Wednesday
Truly, this was the Son of God
          The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but to us who are saved it is the power of God.   1 Corinthians 1:18
          When the centurion who stood near the cross of Jesus, and they that were with him watching Jesus, saw that He cried out so triumphantly just before giving up the ghost, and when they saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly and glorified God, saying: "Certainly, this was a righteous man! Truly, this was the Son of God!" These people were converted by the Saviour's suffering and death. Thereby the Holy Spirit shows that the preaching of the cross, which to them that perish is foolishness, nevertheless is the only power of God to kindle faith in the sinner's heart and through faith to save him. Will you note this well? And all the people that had gathered there, on beholding the things which were done, smote their breasts and returned. Weren't these things the beginnings of faith in Jesus, the Crucified? - And afar off stood all the acquaintances of Jesus and many women that had followed Him from Galilee, and beheld these things. Among them were Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the mother of James the Less and of Joses, and Salome, the mother of Zebedee's children (James and John), who had followed Jesus when He was in Galilee, and had ministered to Him, and many other women that had come up with Him to Jerusalem. All these, with a longing and burning heart, beheld the cross of Jesus and could not turn their eyes away from it, though great temptation besetting them threatened to stifle their faith. By this means the Holy Spirit would teach us that we who believe in Jesus should always abide with the preaching of the Cross, for this is the only power of God to preserve our faith against every temptation to a blessed end. The eyes of our faith must be directed toward our Redeemer as He hung upon the accursed tree; otherwise it is an empty show.
          PRAYER: - God Holy Spirit, let me abide with the preaching of the Cross, that my faith may be proved and found steadfast against every temptation. For within this Word is Your divine power, by which alone saving faith can dwell within my heart. Grant me Your grace, O precious Comforter, that my eyes may be always fixed upon my crucified Redeemer, and that they may rest upon Him when my sight grows dim in my dying hour. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
August 15, 2022     7:13 am