June 15, 2024     5:12 pm
16. Third Week in Advent - Monday
Find Christ in His Word
          But the righteousness of faith speaks in this way,   Romans 10:6-8
          What do these words teach? They teach this: If you would have Christ and, with Him, the righteousness that avails before God, do not be dismayed, and do not say, How shall I ascend into heaven to get Christ down from above? or How shall I descend into the deep to bring Christ up again from the dead? But this is what you must say, cheerfully and confidently: I have the Word, the word of faith in Christ. I have that Word in my Bible; that Word is preached to me; that Word is in my heart: I believe it; that Word is in my mouth: I confess it; that Word is very near to me and is my own. And just so near, and just so my own, is Christ, and, with Him, the righteousness that avails before God. Indeed, so you shall say. For Christ has put Himself, and the righteousness which He procured and with which you can stand before God, into the Word, that you should take it, yes, Him. So you need not join in the lament of those hymn-writers who tell of their great pain and sorrow and loss of peace at not finding Jesus, and who long for wings, that they might soar o'er hill and valley to seek Him. On the contrary, you may shout and say: Lord, You are with me, You are with me in Your Word.
          PRAYER: - Indeed, O my Lord Jesus, my righteousness by means of which I, a poor sinner, may stand before God, my life and my salvation: You are with me. You have put Yourself and all Your salvation into the Word, and thus You come to me, and are very near to me, and embed Yourself in the inmost recesses of my heart, to make me sure that You will be mine in all eternity. I give unceasing thanks to You for this Your great mercy and gracious kindness. Grant me Your Holy Spirit that at all times I may hold You and never leave You, Lord Jesus. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
June 15, 2024     5:12 pm