October 2, 2023     3:09 pm
178. Week of Sixth Sunday after Easter - Tuesday
And gave gifts to men
          And gave gifts to men.   Ephesians 4:8
          The ascended Conqueror gave gifts to us. What gifts? We will mention but one, in which all other gifts are comprised. He gave us the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus reconciled us to God, the Holy Spirit again comes to us. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and of the Son, true personal God together with the Father and the Son. Him the Father, being reconciled, sends; Him the Saviour gives to us; He comes to us with an abundance of grace. He comes to us through the Word of Christ, the Gospel, the Author and real and first Preacher of which He is. He comes to us through the Word now found in Scriptures. He comes to us through the Word that is preached, taught, heard, and studied. Hence He comes to us through the ministry of the Apostles and of all true and faithful preachers and teachers whom He gives us. He comes to us and, through His Word works faith in us, true faith; and through and by faith He leads us to Jesus, our Saviour; and He makes us members of His body, of Jesus' body, so that in Jesus we have all things: forgiveness of sins, righteousness in the sight of God, life and salvation, the adoption of sons, peace, joy, comfort, courage, strength, victory, resurrection, eternal glory. Without the Holy Spirit we have nothing; through Him we have all things. If we lose the Holy Spirit, we lose all things; if we keep the Holy Spirit, we keep all things. The Holy Spirit is willing to stay with us forever. Here on earth He will remain with us through His Word. Christian, stay by the Word, that you may keep the Holy Spirit and all things that are given you through Jesus and in Jesus. In heaven the Holy Spirit will fully change you into the image of God.
          PRAYER: - I thank You, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, my Atoner and conquering Hero, for the gift of the Holy Spirit which You have given me. O Lord, by nature I am dead in sin, and unable to believe in You, and to obtain the blessings which You have procured. But through Your Word You have given me Your Holy Spirit and faith in You through Him. So now I have You, and in You I have all things that save me. Help me, my Shepherd, that I may always abide by Your Word and keep Your precious Holy Spirit. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
October 2, 2023     3:09 pm