November 30, 2023     5:45 am
179. Week of Sixth Sunday after Easter - Wednesday
Christ has offered one single sacrifice
          But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat on the right hand of God.   Hebrews 10:12
          The Jews of the Old Testament worshiped God correctly. Their worship throughout was a Christ-worship. There is no other true worship, and never has been, but the worship made in the name of Christ. But the worship of the Old Testament consisted in types that foreshadowed Christ and pointed to Christ. The sacrifices of the Old Testament were types of the sacrifice of Christ, foreshadowing the sacrifice of Christ, and pointing to it. Hence these sacrifices had to be continually repeated, since in themselves they could not take away sins. But Christ had offered one single sacrifice, the sacrifice of Himself. That is valid forever. It has taken away all sins of all men and of all times. In proof and public confirmation of this Christ now sits at the right hand of God. So you see that God made public acknowledgment to the fact that the sacrifice of Christ truly took away all sins and is valid forever in that He set Christ, who in our stead and in the stead of all the world was to atone for all the sins of the world, and really did atone for them, at His right hand. All the world has been redeemed and reconciled to God through that one sacrifice of Christ, which is valid forever. If you would be altogether certain of your redemption, of the atonement for your sins, of your salvation, of the forgiveness of your sins, of life and eternal happiness, then look neither here nor there, but look upon Christ, who sits at the right hand of God, for He offered one sacrifice for sins which is valid forever. Behold, there is your redemption, your atonement, your salvation, the forgiveness of your sins, your life and your eternal happiness: at the right hand of God, fully acknowledged, confirmed, sealed, and ratified by the divine Amen. Look there! This look, this look alone will kindle the right, true, certain, unconquerable, living, mighty, strong, all-, all-conquering faith in you.
          PRAYER: - Lord Jesus, who offered the one sacrifice for sins forever, and in proof of this sits at the right hand of God, grant me grace to look upon You, and in unwavering faith to recognise in You my salvation, and henceforth to look for no other sacrifice for sins, and to offer nothing but sacrifices of thanks, the fruit of my lips, giving thanks and singing praises to Your name. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
November 30, 2023     5:45 am