October 5, 2022     12:26 pm
180. Week of Sixth Sunday after Easter - Thursday
Christ makes intercession for us  
          Who is even at the right hand of God, Who also makes intercession for us.   Romans 8:34
          Our Saviour makes intercession for us, He intercedes for us, He pleads our cause, He prays for us, He always implores grace for us, He is our Advocate with the Father, the almighty God. Could we be better represented? Surely not. He is the eternal Son of the Father, God born of God. When He had become man, God the Father spoke these words from heaven: "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." He gave His life for us and reconciled God with us. And God exalted Him to His right hand in heaven. We could not be better represented. We may rely upon Him fully, we may safely and confidently let Him plead our cause. We may rely upon His love and faithfulness. We may depend upon it that His representation is efficacious with the Father. Our Saviour firmly stands by us. And the Father does what the Saviour asks Him to do for us. And praying for us, our Saviour pleads His death for us, as well as the fact that by raising Him and setting Him at His right hand God ratified the full satisfaction which He rendered. And the Father cannot deny Him anything. Being represented by Him, we are altogether safe. How much we poor sinners do need a representative with the Father! And we have Him; He the Saviour, represents us. Let me repeat it - being represented by Him, we are altogether safe. And with our Saviour Himself we have and need no representative. For He is our dearest Friend and Lover. Compared with His love and friendship, all other love and friendship in heaven and in earth is as nothing. Will you rely entirely upon your Saviour, my dear Christian? Do so. Most assuredly, you will not be deceived.
          PRAYER: - If You, O Jesus Christ, represent me before God, and plead my cause, I am altogether safe. For You plead for me, a poor sinner, Your all-sufficient merit which You have procured for me and given to me, and which God, Your eternal Father, has fully acknowledged. Lord Jesus, I rely upon You. Plead my cause. I know You do plead it. I would have no other mediator, no other intercessor, but You only. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
October 5, 2022     12:26 pm