August 9, 2022     2:38 pm
181. Week of Sixth Sunday after Easter - Friday
Draw me, we will run after You.
          Draw me, we will run after You.   Song of Solomon 1:5
          Oh, all is accomplished, all is glorious. We are saved, Heaven is ours.- But we - what are we? Has our soul decked itself with festive and resplendent joy in faith, in conformity with, and in honour of, the salvation which has been given to us, and the glory we are so firmly assured of? Has it divested itself of its love for sin?  Has it put on the garments of light, and of the new day which has dawned for it, and does it display their beauty? Woe to us! We must confess that we are beyond measure indifferent and prone to sin, and that many unseemly things of the night and of darkness that are a shame and a disgrace to us are still to be found with us. - "Draw me, we will run after You!" There is no other remedy but that Jesus, the crucified, risen, and ascended Lord, draw us mightily away from it all and to Himself. If Jesus, through His Word and the Holy Spirit, always assures us of His grace and of the forgiveness of sins; if Jesus, through His Word and the Holy Spirit, always makes us eager for His salvation and of the glory that awaits us; if Jesus, through His Word and the Holy Spirit, so captivates our hearts that with all our might we hate sin and dearly love Him; in short, if, through His Word and the Holy Spirit, Jesus takes hold of us with the almighty power of His grace, and draws us to Him, and if with the great patience of a Saviour He does this again and again: then we will run, then we will run after Him with heart and soul and mind, heavenward. And, Christian, He will do it, He does it. Call upon Him, you poor, weak, weary child of God! He draws you to Himself, heavenward.
          PRAYER: - Yes, Amen, my Lord and Saviour, do so, I pray You. Without You I can do nothing. Unless You draw me, I shall certainly be left lying by the wayside. Take hold of me, sweet Jesus, and draw me after You on the road that we must wander to heaven. Do to me in Your own Saviour-love what an earthly mother does to her tired and reluctant child. Draw me after You, that I may run the way to heaven. Amen.

First Part : Festival Season
August 9, 2022     2:38 pm