August 15, 2022     6:54 am
202. Week of First Sunday after Trinity - Friday
You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
          You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.   Exodus 20:7
          This is God's Second Commandment. God forbids us to take His name in vain. God's name is everything by which He reveals Himself to us, particularly His precious Word. If we take this divine name in vain, if we profane it, we commit a grievous sin and profane the Divine Majesty itself. We should not use the various names of God for frivolous exclamations. It is shameful impudence and blasphemy to do so. We should not curse by the name of God, that is, neither blaspheme, nor invoke upon ourselves or others the wrath and punishment of God. We should not swear by the name of God, not utter unnecessary, frivolous, sinful, or even false oaths. We should not use witchcraft nor incantations, not have our fortune told, nor tell fortune ourselves, not consult the dead, nor practice similar satanic arts by the name of God. We should not lie nor deceive by God's name, not adorn nor cover up false doctrine or an ungodly life by making use of the Word and name of God. No, since God has so graciously revealed Himself to us by making known to us His name and giving us His Word, we should hold fast to Him by making proper use of His name and His Word, for this is what He would have us do; and in childlike fear and love we should call upon Him in every trouble of body and soul; and we should confidently believe that He will surely hear us, and be good and kind to us, and shower His blessings upon us; and at all times we should pray to Him, praise Him, and give thanks to Him. What poor sinners we are! How graciously God gives Himself to us through His name and Word! But what poor use we make of that, how unwillingly we take what He so lovingly offers!
          PRAYER: - God, great God, You make Yourself known to me - oh, so graciously! - by revealing to us Your name and Your Word. And You will that there I should seek and find You, and let my heart's delight be in You and honour, praise, and magnify You. But oh! how sinful, how weak of faith, how tardy, and cold I am! Forgive me this sin for Christ's sake. Grant to me, I beseech You, Your Holy Spirit that He may draw me, heart, soul, and mind, into Your name and Word, that I may have my being wholly in You. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     6:54 am