August 15, 2022     7:04 am
204. Week of Second Sunday after Trinity - Sunday
Honour your father and your mother.
          Honour your father and your mother.   Exodus 20:12
          This is God's Fourth Commandment. By father and mother our own parents are meant first and above all, but also all those who, according to God's ordinance, are our superiors in home, state, school, and church. We must not disregard this divine order. We must not despise our parents and masters, nor provoke them to anger, but give them honour, serve and obey them, and hold them in love and esteem. Certainly, "we ought to obey God rather than men." (Acts 5:29). If our parents and masters demand anything of us that is against the Word of God, we must not obey them. But otherwise we must give them the honour with which God has invested them, and do so with a willing heart, for God's sake. Young children must obey their parents in all things. (Col. 3:20). Adult children must show their parents love and kindness. To other masters we must give that honour which they can claim by virtue of their office and their station. This commandment "is the first commandment with a promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth," says the Apostle. (Eph. 6:2,3). You may judge what is meant thereby from what is threatened to those who ruthlessly disregard this commandment. If children blankly refuse to obey their parents, employees their employers, subjects their government, pupils their teachers, church-members the preachers of God's Word - just imagine what that means,- can there be any prosperity then, indeed, would life be tolerable? But if the Fourth Commandment is respected, then things will be well. Alas! many sins could be recorded here. Examine your own conduct.
          PRAYER: - My God, I know that from a child I am evil and full of sin. Wash me of all my sins by the blood which Your dear Son has shed for me, and grant me Your good Spirit, that He may teach me, while I sojourn here on earth, to live according to Your holy will in my own sphere and calling. Amen

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     7:04 am