August 15, 2022     8:08 am
205. Week of Second Sunday after Trinity - Monday
You shall not killĀ 
          You shall not kill.   Exodus 20:13
          This is God's Fifth Commandment. But they err greatly who think they have kept this commandment as long as they have not murdered anyone, or done their fellow-man any other hurt or harm in his body. Anger proceeding from hate, gnashing of the teeth, and abusive language is murder in the sight of God. (Matt. 5:21,22). "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him," the Spirit of God teaches us. (1 John 3:15). The civil authorities, according to God's ordinance, are to punish murderers and evil-doers. (Gen. 9:6; Rom. 13:4). But we must not harbour thoughts of revenge against those who have harmed us. Wrath and revenge we must leave to the holy God. The Holy Spirit says to us by the mouth of the Apostle: "Dearly beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to (the) wrath (of God); for it is written: Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord. Therefore, if your enemy hungers, feed him; if he thirsts, give him drink; for in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Rom. 12:19-21). Where are we most prone to transgress the supreme commandment of love to our neighbour? In regard to our enemies and those who do us harm. Hence it is there, too, that we must be most careful to observe its precepts.- We are most miserable sinners. Just because the wicked love of self dwells within us, the still feeble sprig of all-conquering love of our neighbour, which has been implanted in us Christians, has but a miserable existence. "Out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders." (Matt. 15:19). And how often the thoughts develop into something worse! If we desire to remain children of God, we must live in daily repentance and pray for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love.
          PRAYER: - Lord God, dear Heavenly Father, am I not Your dear child? But I am a very weak and miserable child, easily led into wrong paths and seduced to wickedness. Have patience with me for Jesus' sake. Forgive me my sin. I pray You that by Your Holy Spirit You would daily check and change the virulent evil, until in the end You will deliver me from the body of this death and renew me to blessed perfection. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     8:08 am