August 15, 2022     8:24 am
207. Week of Second Sunday after Trinity - Wednesday
You shall not steal
          You shall not steal.   Exodus 20:15
          This is God's Seventh Commandment. But not only pickpockets and burglars transgress this commandment. Whoever defrauds his neighbour in business, or craftily wrests trade and profit from him, or takes advantage of his neighbour's ignorance or distress to get his money or goods, or borrows without returning what he has borrowed, or is in secret partnership with thieves, and so seeks to profit by the dishonesty of others, or enriches himself by means of usury, wringing his neighbour's sweat and blood from him, or refuses to work, depending on others to support him,- such a one steals. The world is full of thievery. Civil laws are not able to stop all thievery. And men refuse to be restrained by the Law of God. Trade and commerce are very corrupt.- We must be honest in the sight of God. One day God will judge. He keeps account of every deed of men. We should fear and love Him, that we do not take our neighbour's money or goods, nor get them by false ware or dealing; on the contrary, we should love our neighbour as ourselves, and in word and deed help him to improve and protect his property and business. By word and deed we should seek to keep him from harm. We should lend him money, if by doing so we may help him, without seeking advantage for ourselves. We should take pity on the poor.- Alas! we stand condemned before this Seventh Commandment: our hand has taken where it should not have taken; it has not given where it should have given. And our heart! How full of thievery it is, how void of pity!
          PRAYER: - O my God, grant me Your Holy Spirit, that I may learn to know my sin, seek forgiveness depending on Your grace in Christ, and thereupon amend my ways, keep myself unspotted from the world and its sinful ways, love my neighbour and deal with him faithfully and honestly and according to the standards of love, diligently attend to my calling, and expect the blessing from You alone; for You bless those that walk in Your ways. Hear me for Jesus Christ's sake! Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     8:24 am