October 5, 2022     1:49 pm
215. Week of Third Sunday after Trinity - Thursday
Sin is the transgression of the Law
          Sin is the transgression of the Law.   1 John 3:4
          What, properly speaking, is sin? "Sin is the transgression of the Law," says our text. The divine Law tells us what is right. Sin is every transgression of the divine Law, every departure from its rules and precepts, each and every failure to do whatsoever it demands of us, each and everything that is done contrary or in opposition to it. Mark that well, Christian: sin is every departure from the rule of the divine Law. Since God, the holy God has told us in His Law how we should be, and what we must do and must not do, every transgression of that Law must be wrong, wickedness, error, sin. Men often speak of great and of trifling sins, and are not so fussy about small sins. This is wrong. Everything, without exception, that is against God's Law is wrong, is sin, ungodly, impious. But if any one claims something to be a sin which is not forbidden in the Law of God, do not listen to him. Only that is sin which is contrary to God's Law, and nothing else. No one has a right to bind our conscience with man-made laws. But you will find plenty of sin, many departures from the rule of the divine Law if you will but examine yourself. Take these sins to Christ, that He may forgive them to you. Strive against them valiantly in the power of the Holy Spirit.
          PRAYER: - Lord Jesus Christ, I know that I cannot stand before Your divine Law. I am not as I should be; I fail to do what I should; I do not refrain from those things which You have forbidden in Your Law. Free and rid me, I beseech You, from the load of my sin, and declare to Your Father that You have rendered satisfaction for me. But also grant me holy courage and endue me with strength of Your Spirit, that I may earnestly and successfully resist sin and serve You in accordance with Your Law. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
October 5, 2022     1:49 pm