August 15, 2022     7:09 am
234. Week of Sixth Sunday after Trinity - Tuesday
His Kingdom of Grace.
          Behold, your King comes to you meek.   Mathew 21:5
          Jesus Christ, the great King, whose kingdom has neither bound nor limit, who will be a terror to His enemies, comes to you meek. To "you"? To whom? To you who receive Him as your Saviour, and desire to be saved through Him.- Let us tell you something. Jesus Christ has a kingdom here on earth, a peculiar (unusual) kingdom, which was always a small and insignificant-looking kingdom. To this kingdom all poor sinners belong who believe in Him as their Saviour and put their trust in Him. All these taken together constitute His kingdom. This kingdom is called His Kingdom of Grace. There He holds sway with His grace, yes, indeed, with His great, pure, immeasurable grace. He embraces each one who belongs to this kingdom with His wondrous grace, yes, He, the great, omnipotent King. In this kingdom He daily and richly forgives all sins. The members of this kingdom He protects, and guides, and directs, and leads, and governs, so that, despite all the temptations of the devil, the world, and the flesh, they remain His own and obtain eternal bliss. But how, by what perceptible means, does He govern this Kingdom of Grace? By His Word alone - nothing else. But in this Word His, mark! His Holy Spirit is present, and through it He is operative and effective. Let no one attempt to rule the members of this kingdom by any other means than by the Word of Christ. Let no one attempt to rule at all in this kingdom. Christ alone is the King of this kingdom. He is a meek King, meek toward poor miserable sinners. But these He will draw away from sin through His Word and Holy Spirit, and rule them inwardly, that they may serve Him. My dear Christian, rejoice and thank God for having brought you into this kingdom!
          PRAYER: - Meek King, Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You that You have brought me too, a poor sinner, into Your Kingdom of Grace, into this Your most precious kingdom, where You embrace Your own with great compassion, and lead them to salvation. Dearly beloved Lord Jesus, let me remain in this kingdom until my eyelids shall close in death. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     7:09 am