February 8, 2023     10:50 am
247. Week of Eighth Sunday after Trinity - Monday
Forgiveness of sins given by Grace
          In whom (Christ) we have the redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.   Ephesians 1:7
          My dear Christian, do you know how the matter really stands concerning that most precious gift of God, the forgiveness of sins? - It is given us by the grace of God; for, surely, we have no claim or title whatever to the forgiveness of sins; and, to be sure, it is given us out of the great and inexhaustible riches of the grace of God, for we are very grievous transgressors. And it is given us for Christ's sake. Not merely from a gracious impulse does God forgive sins; that would be against His righteousness and against His holiness, which is a flaming fire, as well as against His truthfulness, the truthfulness of His Word, in which He threatens to punish transgressors. But in Christ, our Saviour, who bore our sin and our punishment as our Substitute, we have the redemption through His blood; and this redemption consists in this that God forgives us our sins. And by the Gospel of the grace of God in Christ the forgiveness of sins is made known to us, yes, and offered to us. And through faith, through faith in this gracious Word of God concerning Christ and concerning the redemption and the forgiveness of sins in Him, we receive and accept the forgiveness of sins. And thus we have it.- This is how the matter stands concerning the forgiveness of sins, and not otherwise. And now, Christian, take freely! The grace of God is rich to you also. Christ is also your Saviour. The Gospel is meant also for you. God wants you, too, to say rejoicingly: "I believe in the forgiveness of sins."
          PRAYER: - I thank You, most merciful God, that of Your pure grace for Christ's sake You at all times through the Gospel offer me forgiveness of sins, that treasure which alone can save me. I have but to take freely, only to believe. Now, then, my God, I pray You, give to me Your Holy Spirit, that I may not fear nor doubt, but believingly and rejoicingly take the salvation which You give to me freely and without price, the forgiveness of my sins. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
February 8, 2023     10:50 am