May 31, 2024     4:09 am
262. Week of Tenth Sunday after Trinity - Tuesday
To whom should we pray?
          You shall worship the Lord, your God, and Him alone shall you serve.   Mathew 4:10
          To whom should we pray? Surely, you are not in doubt about this. We should pray only to the true God, Father Son, and Holy Spirit. He, the Triune God, is the only true God. And we have learned to know Him from His Word. Everything that is called God beside Him is an idol, an imaginary, a man-made god. Wherever such an idol is worshiped, as among the Jews, the Unitarians, and the lodges, you must not take part in such sinful worship. "Nonsense!" some say, why, there is only one God." They mean to say that one may also pray to the so-called god of the people just mentioned. 'Tis true, there is but one God. But this one God is the Triune God. Whatever else is held to be a god is an idol. Is it right for you to pray to idols, to take part in idol worship? Nor must you call upon the holy angels. Though they are highly exalted, they are but ministering spirits who carry out God's will and command. They cannot hear and grant prayer. David by the Holy Spirit says to God: "O You that hear prayer, All flesh shall come to You." (Ps. 65:2) And what are we to think of the invocation of saints as practiced in the Roman Catholic Church? Listen to what the prophet says to God: Doubtless You are our Father, though Abraham is ignorant of us, and Israel does not acknowledge us. You O Lord, are our Father, our Redeemer; Your name is from everlasting." (Is, 63:16) The saints in heaven, the real saints are ignorant of us and do not acknowledge us and do not hear us. And the saints of the Pope's making are nothing. We should pray to God alone, who is our Father and our Redeemer and our Comforter: He hears and grants our prayer; He is almighty and most gracious to us.
          PRAYER: - O true, gracious, and loving God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who has revealed Yourself to me so graciously for my salvation, and who so kindly invites me to call upon You: why should I address my prayer to any one but to You alone? Far be it from me to do so! Grant me grace to address You with full confidence, and unceasingly seek Your grace and help, firmly believing that You will surely hear my prayer. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
May 31, 2024     4:09 am