August 9, 2022     2:34 pm
268. Week of Eleventh Sunday after Trinity - Monday
Pray without ceasing
          Pray without ceasing.   1 Thessalonians 5:17
          Scoffers would have this text say that Christians should do nothing but pray all the time. But let us tell you what is meant. When a little child is with its mother, and plays or learns its lesson, or does this or that, doesn't it always speak with its mother at the same time? Is its little mouth ever silent for long and aren't there many things it asks for? Do you now understand what it means to "pray without ceasing"? Wherever a Christian a child of God may be, and whatever he may do, he always knows that he is with his God, and that his God is with him. And so his heart is always with God, and he has something to say to God all the time or some complaint or some petition to bring before Him, or to give thanks for something. And so our kind and loving God would have us do. "Pray without ceasing." - But a Christian must also have stated hours of the day for his daily prayers. He should say his morning and his evening prayer. He should say grace before and after meal. And once a day, at the very least, he should have private devotions, that is to say, he should read the Bible with devout attention, adding a prayer, or, possibly, a hymn. For should a Christian merely desire to partake of bodily food and not of spiritual food as well, every day? In every Christian household the father or the mother should see to it that family devotions are held every day. These devotions should be short and good, lest, on account of our sinful flesh, we be filled with tedium and disgust. But especially, my dear Christian, when cross and tribulation afflict you, remember the text: "Lord, in trouble have they visited You; they have poured out a prayer when Your chastening was upon them."- Is. 26:16.
          PRAYER: - Lord God, my dearly beloved Father through Jesus Christ, my Saviour, give to me, I beseech You, Your Holy Spirit, that I may pray to You without ceasing as is proper for me, Your beloved child. Grant me grace to nourish my poor, weak, and sinful soul with Your Word every day, that it may be kept to eternal life, and that in this present life it may grow and wax strong in the fear and love of You. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 9, 2022     2:34 pm