August 15, 2022     7:27 am
270. Week of Eleventh Sunday after Trinity - Wednesday
Hallowed be Thy name.
          Hallowed be Thy name.   Mathew 6:9
          This is the first petition which we are to make. We should pray that God's name be hallowed among us. What name of God? Why, the name "Father." We should beseech God to grant us grace to prize it as sacred and as the very greatest blessing there can be that God desires to be our loving Father, and that we may so address Him. We should pray God to write this name Father into our hearts with the fire of His Holy Spirit, so that this blessed truth may always burn and glow in our hearts: God is my Father! God does this through His Word, His Word of Grace. Therefore we should pray that the Word of God may be taught among us in its truth and purity. We should furthermore pray God to grant us His Holy Spirit, that we may be sincerely glad and rejoice and be grateful for the fact that we are His children, and that as the children of God we may also lead a holy life according to His Word. May God preserve us from false doctrine, which keeps us from learning to truly know God in His great mercy, and, consequently, from having childlike confidence in God! May God preserve us from leading an ungodly life, from leading a life unbecoming for a child of God! By false doctrine and an ungodly life the name of God is profaned. "Hallowed be Thy name!" This is and must be the First Petition. God comes to meet us poor sinners in Christ Jesus through His Word and Holy Spirit, and says: I wish to be, and desire to be called, your Father. Then each of us should answer above all things and pray: "Hallowed be Thy name!" Oh, yes, Lord, let me learn to know this, let me comprehend it, let me live and die trusting in this saving truth, that You are my Father, and that I am Your child!
          PRAYER: - Lord God, our Father in heaven, we; Your children, who still are so weak and diffident, beseech You to grant us Your grace, that Your inexpressibly sweet name may be hallowed among us not only with our hearts, but in all that we say or do. Grant us Your Word in its truth and purity, that the light of Your great mercy may shine ever brighter for us. Graciously guard us against every false doctrine whereby Your name is profaned and desecrated, and all ungodly life, whereby Your name is disgraced. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     7:27 am