August 15, 2022     8:44 am
299. Week of Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity - Thursday
Lord’s Supper - For the remission of sins.
          Given for you. Shed for you. For the remission of sins.   Luke 22:19,20; Mathew 26:28
          It has already been briefly stated in last Saturday's lesson what blessed benefit is offered us through the Lord's Supper, and that we may understand the nature of this benefit from the words: "Given and shed for you for the remission of sins." In the Lord's Supper you receive that very body and that very blood with which on the cross Christ procured forgiveness of sins for all the world. The precious ransom with which payment was made for the remission of the sins of all the world is given you for your own individual possession. And hence forgiveness of sins is securely sealed to you. And thus your faith is exceedingly strengthened, the blessed assurance that your, yes, indeed, your sins are forgiven to you. And you are fully assured of life and salvation; for where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation. Do see, do consider! By shedding His blood and dying upon the cross, Christ has procured forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation for all the world and also for you. You know this from the Gospel. But now, in the Lord's Supper, your crucified Saviour comes to you and to your fellow-Christians, and, giving bread and wine to each of you, says: "Take, eat; this is my body, which is given for you. Take, drink ye all of it; this is my blood, which is shed for you for the remission of sins." While you eat the bread and drink the wine, He offers to you His body, which was given for you, and His blood, which was shed for you. How can you doubt any longer that He means you? How can you doubt that God gives you forgiveness of sins, life and salvation, when He who is your Righteousness and the Resurrection and the Life, with visible signs and gracious words lays Himself into your very mouth and heart?
          PRAYER: - O Saviour, full of love and tender mercy, what more could You do to assure me, a poor sinner, of the forgiveness of sins, of life, and salvation? Your loving-kindness is unfathomable. Open my eyes and heart by Your Holy Spirit that I may truly learn to know the superabundance of Your grace and rejoice that I may comfort myself with it in life and death. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 15, 2022     8:44 am