August 13, 2022     3:53 am
303. Week of Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity - Monday
Lord’s Supper - Let a man examine himself
          Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup.   1Corinthians 11:28
          How should you examine yourself, and according to what rule, when you would eat of this bread and drink of this cup? You should first examine yourself as to whether you truly repent of your sins. A child of God is most heartily sorry for his sins. A child of God is controlled and moved by the Holy Spirit, and every sin is as intolerable to him as a speck in the eye. You should examine yourself secondly as to whether you believe in Jesus Christ. To believe in Jesus Christ is to have a correct knowledge of the great and mighty grace, ever new, which Jesus Christ has procured by His suffering and death, and which he has laid down in the Holy Sacrament and always offers you there freely and without price, and to put your trust in it, and comfort yourself with it in the face of all, indeed, all your sins. You should examine yourself thirdly as to whether it is your sincere purpose and intention henceforth to amend your sinful life with the aid of God the Holy Spirit. A child of God that is heartily sorry for his sins most assuredly is earnestly resolved to abandon those sins. And when this child of God has learned to truly know, and rejoice in, the superabounding grace of God in Christ, he will also gladly amend his life, and most earnestly strive to please God. Examine yourself as to whether these three things are found with you. If so, even though in a small measure only; for you still have the wicked old Adam; then go to the Lord's Supper, and there again receive the assurance of the grace of God. That will strengthen you spiritually.
          PRAYER: - My dear Heavenly Father, I know You love me still as Yours, though against me world, sin and hell combine. Grant to me Your Holy Spirit, that with heart-felt repentance for my sins, with true faith in my Saviour Jesus Christ, and with a sincere purpose of henceforth amending my sinful life I may come to Your gracious Supper. And then bestow upon me all the blessings which by means of Your Word You have treasured up in this Sacrament. Amen.

Second Part : Catechism Lessons
August 13, 2022     3:53 am