February 22, 2024     4:37 pm
319. Week of Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity - Wednesday
It is necessary that offences come
          It is necessary that offences come.   Mathew 18:7
          "For offences must come," says our Saviour. In this wicked, bad, and sinful world it cannot be otherwise. By word and behaviour, by speech and example, there are abundant, yes, thousandfold temptations and enticements to wickedness. You surely know this, my dear Christian. Aren't you surrounded by false teachers of all description, by apostles of unbelief and by scoffers, coarse as well as refined, by sects and fanatics of every hue and colour, by followers of Antichrist, by men and women who lead a life of vice and shame, who drink iniquity like water? Isn't it therefore a certainty that offences will come? For sure! All the world is full of offences, of temptation and enticement to evil. And you are brought face to face with these things. But do not take and receive such offence! Even as you must not give offence, so also you must not allow others to offend, that is to say, to seduce you, to lead you into sin. Arm yourself in faith with the Word and Spirit of God! Fight the good fight of faith, otherwise you will be lost! Call upon the Lord; He will give you power to conquer all your spiritual assailants. You must also remember that offences given you are caused by your own heart, by the members of your own body, and by things most near and dear to you. Pluck them out, cut them off, and cast them from you! With might and main you must renounce everything that would make you wicked. It is better for you to enter into life poor and afflicted than, enjoying all temporal goods to the full, to be cast into eternal hellfire. (Matt. I8:8,9)
          PRAYER: - O Lord Jesus, offences surround me, but in Your name I will destroy them. They surround me, yes, they surround me, but in Your name I will destroy them. They surround me like bees; they are quenched as the fire of thorns; but in your name I will destroy them. They jab furiously at me that I might fall; but You, O Lord help, me! O Lord Jesus You are my strength and song, and have become my Salvation. And in the eternal tabernacles of the righteous I shall lift up the voice of rejoicing and salvation. Amen

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
February 22, 2024     4:37 pm