August 9, 2022     1:51 pm
323. Week of Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity - Sunday
Take heed not to do your alms before men
          Take heed not to do your alms before men.   Mathew 6:1
          Alms, in the first place, are gifts of charity given out of pity for the needy. But also such collections as are raised in our churches and congregations for the extension of Christ's Kingdom outside of their own circle may be included here. Now, if the Lord Jesus says: "Take heed not to do your alms before men," this first implies that we, His beloved Christians, should give alms. Love, which flows from faith, should impel us to give alms as our Lord would have us do. Hence, take heed that you give alms, and that you give commensurably with the respective need, and according to your ability, according to the means the Lord has given you. Furthermore the Lord here says that in giving alms we should take heed that we do it not before men, to be seen by them. We should not do as the hypocrites do, who cause a trumpet to be sounded before them in the churches and in the newspapers, that they may be honoured by men. Truly, such people have their reward! They have what they paid for: the praise of men. They dare not look forward to the gracious reward in heaven promised by God to His children. Shall we be like those hypocrites? Therefore, when you give alms, do it lovingly, with singleness of heart, and do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Let your alms be in secret! And your Father who sees in secret, and sees your love and compassion, the fruits of the Spirit of Christ, bud forth in you, will, out of great mercy, reward you openly, when that day comes on which He shall prove, by the works the Christians have done, that they had a living faith.
          PRAYER: - Dear Heavenly Father, who has richly and abundantly bestowed upon me, a poor sinner, all Your benefits and gifts of eternal mercy, help me by Your Holy Spirit that I may glorify Your mercy by likewise being merciful, and opening my heart and hand for the poor and needy in Your Kingdom. Amen.

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
August 9, 2022     1:51 pm