August 15, 2022     8:10 am
326. Week of Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity - Wednesday
Judge not!
          Judge not!   Mathew 7:1
          To judge means to form an opinion of a fellow-man, and to pass judgment on him according to the strict requirements of the law. My dear Christian, would you like to have others treat you like this? Are you so utterly without sin as to be able to say to every man: "Judge me!" and to God: "Judge me!"? Certainly not! you say. Very well; then you must neither judge your neighbour, in order that you will not be judged. For with whatever judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you hand out, it shall be measured back to you. If with respect to your fellow-man you step out of the sphere of compassion into which the grace of God in Christ has placed you and your fellow-man, and if you enter the sphere of the strict requirements of God's Law and judge your fellow-man according to it, then the Law will hold its strict requirements up to you and judge you. Beware, beware! Judge not! If you judge your fellow-man, you are Like a man who beholds a speck of dust in his brother's eye and says: "Let me remove the speck out of your eye!" and, behold, a log in his own eye. What log, then, is in your own eye? The log of hypocrisy: What hypocrisy? This hypocrisy, that though being a sinner a thousandfold yourself, you undertake to judge your neighbour for this or that sin. Won't the judgment of God strike you? Listen! If you behold a speck in your brother's eye, then beware, above all things, of the log of hypocritical judgment, and then help, with the sincere humility of a poor sinner, to remove the speck out of your brother's eye. Always remain within the sphere of the grace and compassion of God.
          PRAYER: - My God, how depraved am I, how sin cleaves to me! I, who have burdened myself with guilt a thousandfold, am so easily inclined to judge my brother and neighbour. O God, for Jesus' sake forgive to me this wickedness of my heart, and grant me grace through Your Holy Spirit above all things, in true penitence, to see my own sins, and thereupon to help my erring brother in a spirit of true humility. Amen

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
August 15, 2022     8:10 am