March 1, 2021     8:15 pm
340. Week of Twenty First Sunday after Trinity - Wednesday
Mortify your old Adam with the aid of the Holy Spirit
          For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.   Romans 8:14
          Dear Christian! May God protect you so that you are not beguiled to live according to the desires of your flesh, according to your old Adam, according to the evil lust that dwells within you; for if you live so, you are lost. But if with the aid of the Holy Spirit that dwells within you you mortify (to bring into subjection by abstinance, discipline, or rigorous austerities) daily mortify, your old Adam who would force the members of your body into his service, you shall be saved. Why? Does this your work save you? By no means. You are saved solely by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith. By mortifying your old Adam with the aid of the Holy Spirit, you prove yourself to be a believing child of God. The children whom God has received through grace have this disposition, this God-given disposition, that, led and moved by the Holy Spirit, they mortify the old Adam and gladly and willingly serve their heavenly Father. Whoever does not do this is not a believing child of God. He, however, who does this is a child of God. As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. And this leading of the Holy Spirit is no slavish constraint and compulsion, so that you must live in continual dread and be full of trembling, like those who are under the Law and know nothing of grace. No, this leading of the Holy Spirit is a sweet and childlike impulse within you which causes you to say: Abba, Father, gladly will I renounce sin and serve You; but please help me! And when the Holy Spirit so leads you, He always bears witness to you through the Word of Grace that you are a child of God, His dearly beloved child, whom He has received into His gracious arms, and that you have forgiveness of sins and are an heir of eternal salvation through your dear Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't this a most precious truth? Being a child of God, aren't you glad to have the Holy Spirit lead you thus?
          PRAYER: - Almighty, eternal God, who out of pure and unmerited grace has made me Your child through faith in Your dear Son and an heir of eternal life, I pray You, let the Spirit of Your Son take possession of my heart, and effectually cry within me: Abba, Father! and by His tender impulse move me to renounce sin and serve You with all my heart, until at last, in the perfection of blissful eternity, I shall enter upon my blessed inheritance. Amen.

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
March 1, 2021     8:15 pm