August 9, 2022     2:45 pm
348. Week of Twenty Second Sunday after Trinity - Thursday
Receive him that is weak in the faith.
          Receive him that is weak in the faith.   Romans 14:1
          Who is he that is "weak in the faith"? O Christian a child of God is meant, who desires, yes, earnestly desires, to serve God, but who believes that in order to do this, he must abstain from certain things, though God has not forbidden them, and that he must by all means do certain things, though God has not commanded them. Hence, a person who thinks he must make certain props and crutches for the life he should lead as a Christian, notwithstanding God has not provided them, is weak in faith. In the first congregation of Christians in Rome, for instance, there were some who believed that they must not eat any meat nor drink any wine, because their body would become too voluptuous and consequently unfit to serve God as they should. They also considered it a duty to set apart certain days on which to study the Word of God and to pray in seclusion and with special earnestness. Similar dear Christian souls may be found today, though not as many as in the days of the Apostle. These are weak in faith. For what is the truth of the matter? Whatsoever God has not forbidden must not be condemned, and the use of it dare not hinder us in the service of God; and whatsoever God has not commanded is of no value in the sight of God, and the doing of it cannot be of assistance to us in serving God. Our Christian life must move within the limits which God has drawn in His Word, and in no other and every day our whole life should be a constant service of God. If this is our faith, then our faith is right; everything else is weakness. But mark! we must not despise the weak in faith, but receive them as our brethren with sincere love and esteem. And we must not offend nor confuse them, nor tempt them to do something that in their opinion is wrong, and so to sin against their weak conscience, by inconsiderately doing in their presence what otherwise would be permissible. Read Rom.. 4 attentively!
          PRAYER: - Dear Lord, should I despise my brother when out of fervent love to You and from a desire to serve You he does things which according to Your Word he need not do? Far be it from me! On the contrary, O Lord, forgive me my slothfulness in Your service. And give to me Your Holy Spirit, that I may be fervent and diligent in Your service, and esteem my weak brother better than myself. Amen.

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
August 9, 2022     2:45 pm