August 9, 2022     3:50 pm
351. Week of Twenty Third Sunday after Trinity - Sunday
Pray for pastors
          And for me.   Ephesians 6:19
          "And for me" - what? The Apostle Paul desired that the Christians to whom he wrote should pray also for him. Indeed, all true Christians should do this for their pastors. And all faithful pastors earnestly desire their parishioners to pray for them. The devil hates no one more than faithful pastors. How necessary, therefore, is such intercessory prayer of their parishioners! Do pray for your pastor, my dear Christian! Pray that God would put on him the whole armour of God, that he may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Pray that by the grace of God utterance may be given to your pastor, that he may open his mouth boldly, and that God may grant him grace to preach the true, pure, unadulterated Word, to make known the mystery of the Gospel whose messenger he is. For the Gospel is a mystery, wholly unknown to man by nature, but revealed and made manifest through the Word of God, and through it alone. This Word your pastor must preach in all simplicity, in its truth and purity, unalloyed with any reflections of his own reason. To be able to do this is a gracious gift of God. Pray God to grant him this gift. Then the strength of God will be made perfect through his preaching. Pray God for this strength. And beseech God to bestow upon your pastor also this grace that in all the requirements of his office he may cheerfully act and speak as he ought to act and speak according to the Word of God. Your pastor has been given you by God, and you have helped to call him. Ask the Lord to bestow His blessings upon him abundantly.
          PRAYER: - Lord God, dear Heavenly Father, I pray You to keep my pastor, whom You have appointed to me, in true faith and in a godly life. Also give utterance to him boldly to open his mouth to preach Your Word in its truth and purity, and at all times to speak and to act as he ought to do. Bless him, O God, and make him a source of blessing for me and for many, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
August 9, 2022     3:50 pm