May 31, 2024     4:27 am
359. Week of Twenty Fourth Sunday after Trinity - Monday
I have waited for Your salvation, O Lord.
          I have waited for Your salvation, O Lord.   Genesis 49:18
          Jacob the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, was at the point of death. And by the Holy Spirit he prophesied concerning Christ. And then he said: "I have waited for your salvation, O Lord!" Even in death he waited for the salvation of the Lord, for the salvation which the Saviour would bring. He hoped and trusted in the Word of God concerning the future Saviour and His salvation. Thus he departed. He was not disappointed in his waiting, in his hope, in his trust. He departed, and the Lord received him, the Lord, who in the fullness of time was to become Jesus Christ, the Saviour. This was almost two thousand years before the birth of Christ.- We know more of the salvation of the Lord than Jacob knew. "What the fathers most desired, what the prophets' heart inspired, what they longed for many a year, stands fulfilled in glory here. Abram's promised great Reward, Zion's Helper, Jacob's Lord, Him of twofold race behold, truly come, as long foretold." In life and death, yes, in death we should wait for the salvation of the Lord, for the salvation which the Lord has purchased for us. We must hope and trust in the Gospel telling us of our Lord and Saviour and His salvation. Thus we should depart this life. We shall not be disappointed in thus waiting, hoping, and trusting. Departing thus, we shall go to meet our Saviour. And in the midst of death He will keep us and show us His salvation. He will let us taste His salvation. In the gloom of death we shall pass into a great light.
          PRAYER: - Lord Jesus, my Saviour, when my last hour is close at hand, and I must leave this life, then let me wait, in faith let me wait for Your salvation. Thus I will depart and go to You, Lord Jesus Christ. I will stretch out my arms to You. Peaceful and calm my sleep shall be, no human voice can wake me. For You, Lord Jesus Christ, will open heaven's portals for me and take me into Your mansions of eternal bliss. Amen.

Third Part : The Christian's Life and Death
May 31, 2024     4:27 am