August 15, 2022     7:17 am
8. Second Week in Advent - Sunday
Jesus, was taken up into heaven and will come in the same way
          This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.   Acts 1:11
          So said the two heavenly messengers to the apostles while they looked steadfastly toward Jesus as He went up into heaven. That same Jesus who, visibly before the eyes of the apostles, ascended into heaven shall one day come again from heaven, visibly, with great power and glory, and all His holy angels with Him. And then He shall judge the living and the dead. And then He shall establish that eternal and glorious Kingdom of God for which God has created us in the beginning, saved us through Christ, and sanctified us through the Holy Spirit. The scorners shall not always scorn Him, nor shall the scoffers always scoff at Him. He shall come and put them to silence. And He shall satisfy the eager desire of His children. For those, too, who expired with Jacob's dying prayer on their lips: "I have waited for Your salvation, O Lord !" He shall come, and will fill their mouth with laughter and their tongue with singing. Thus God shall forever make us free from all evil, from sin and from the devil, from all adversity, from sickness, pain, and sadness, from troubles, cares, and fears, and grant us heavenly gladness, and wipe away our tears. Dear Christian, wrap yourself entirely in His merits, His righteousness by faith, and always remain a sheep of His fold, so that when He, who is your salvation, shall come, it may be to bring you eternal salvation.
          PRAYER: - O my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I thank You most heartily that You so faithfully remind me of Your coming in glory, and teach me to be ready for that time, and grant to me to know the great and eternal comfort of this. Grant, I beseech You, give to me Your Holy Spirit, that my manner of life may be in the fear of You in true faith, and with a good conscience, and that I may, with a joyful heart and wakeful eye, hope and wait for Your coming in glory: You who live and reign and will come as a Judge and a Redeemer blessed forever. Amen

First Part : Festival Season
August 15, 2022     7:17 am